‘Thank you very much for all your efforts in this regard – as well as the efforts of Storm.
Once again, thank you for taking this matter to a very positive outcome.’

Grant Gavin, Remax Panache


Tate, Nolan and Knight Inc. is a dynamic, focused, medium-sized law firm with offices in Durban North and Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.

We have a unique approach to practicing law. Our clients deserve the best legal service available and we have thus strategically created a bouquet of niche services. We do not pretend to be all things to all men and unless we are experts in the relevant field we do not take a matter on.

In short, if we advertise a specific service you can be assured that we are expert in that field.

All professionals and staff take great pride in our service offering. Our team has been carefully chosen and each of them will approach your matter with care. We continually ask ourselves “what is in the best interests of our client?”

Each solution is hand-crafted to meet a clients specific needs.

We are expert in the following areas :

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  • Property LawAll aspects of law relating to property ownership and use, including contracts, agreements & disputes, as well as all conveyancing and notarial functions relative thereto.
  • LitigationThis includes High Court and Magistrates’ Court work over the full range of Law.
  • Family LawAll aspects of Matrimonial Law, including Antenuptial Contracts, Divorce and custody agreements.
  • Trust LawAll aspects of Estate planning, including Testamentary Trusts and Inter Vivos Trusts, as well as the administration thereof.
  • Wills and Deceased EstatesConsulting and advising on Wills, and the administration of Deceased Estates.
  • Labour LawThis includes drawing up of Employment Contracts, protection of rights in terms of Labour Legislation, as well as Disciplinary and Grievance procedures.
  • Insolvency LawConsulting and advising on Insolvency and Company Law; managing all the necessary processes and ensuring protection of rights of all parties.
  • CollectionsAll aspects of debt collection, and advice on the National Credit Act.
  • Notarial ServicesCertain specialized legal contracts are necessarily drawn by a Notary, eg Antenuptial Contracts, Long-term leases and Notarial Bonds.
  • Mediation (Matrimonial and Commercial matters)Assisting parties in conflict to resolve disputes and reach settlements agreements, both in matrimonial and civil or commercial matters.